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Hole 01

The drive from an elevated tee on this slight dogleg right hole will land in a valley. Out of bounds left and well-positioned bunkers make this a good driving hole. The approach shot plays uphill to a large green guarded by deep bunkers.
Kemper Lakes Golf Club Hole 1

Hole 02

This shorter par 4 is guarded by trees on both sides of the fairway. An accurate tee shot is required to set up a short-iron approach into the narrow, sloping green which is surrounded by bunkers and a collection area.
Kemper Lakes Hole 2

Hole 03

The tee shot to the bell-shaped green must carry over water. The large, contoured green allows for numerous pin positions, which are all well-guarded by sand and water.
Kemper Lakes Hole 3

Hole 04

The first par 5 on the course is reachable with two well-played shots. Water right and out-of-bounds left off the tee make this a demanding driving hole. The player’s second shot plays uphill over water to a narrow, contoured green protected by several bunkers.
Kemper Lakes Hole 4

Hole 05

This long par 4, dogleg right features out-of-bounds left and trees right. A long-iron shot into the green is challenged by three bunkers on the left and one on the right. This uniquely-shaped green provides difficult pin positions.
Kemper Lakes Hole 5

Hole 06

This par 3 is sneaky hard and features a well-bunkered green. The angle of the green from the tee requires a shot to be the right distance and direction to avoid the bunkers. The back-right pin position is the most difficult on the green.
Kemper Lakes Hole 6

Hole 07

Another excellent par 5 at Kemper Lakes, this hole is reachable in two shots downwind to longer hitters. The narrow landing area for tee shots is guarded by three bunkers on the left and two on the right. Going for the green in two presents the ultimate risk-reward. A lay-up shot needs to be accurate in order to avoid bunkers on the right and water on the left.
Kemper Lakes Hole 7

Hole 08

This par 4 dogleg left requires a lay-up off the tee for longer hitters to place the drive into the fairway. The second shot plays mostly over water into a lightning-fast green with a large bunker on the right. This two-level green is one of the most difficult to putt on the course.
Kemper Lakes Hole 8

Hole 09

A long, demanding uphill par 4. The drive must negotiate a deep fairway bunker on the right and two smaller bunkers on the left. The second shot to this long, narrow, hour-glass shaped green is all uphill. The green itself is protected by four strategically placed bunkers. Front pin positions provide a challenge as the green slopes severely away from the left and right.
Kemper Lakes Hole 9

Hole 10

Another long par 4 with a water hazard guarding the entire left side that requires an accurate tee shot. Second shots to this deep green are protected by a large greenside bunker left and two bunkers front-right. The front half of the green is heavily contoured back-to-front with the back-right pin placement playing the most difficult.
Kemper Lakes Hole 10

Hole 11

A great hole for spectators. Many players will go for this par 5 green in two shots. However, the drive must first avoid large oak trees right and left in the landing area. The downhill second shot to the green is through an avenue of large oaks. The small, narrow green is guarded by a pond and two bunkers. Thick rough and mounding will make long shots undesirable.
Kemper Lakes Hole 11

Hole 12

The only hole at Kemper Lakes without a bunker, this short par 4 is a member favorite. The tee shot must be hit through a narrow opening of large oaks with little margin for error. The green is guarded by large trees that overhang on both sides. Second shots often require a draw or fade to get to the pin, unless the drive is perfectly placed. The well-contoured green makes long putts challenging.
Kemper Lakes Hole 12

Hole 13

The longest par 3 at Kemper Lakes features two tee boxes, allowing for the hole to set up differently each time. Protected by large bunkers – one left, three right – the narrow, long, three leveled green is 47 yards front-to-back, which makes proper club selection crucial.
Kemper Lakes Hole 13

Hole 14

This slightly downhill, par 4 dogleg left features a strategically-bunkered landing area with a small, tightly bunkered green. This green has numerous pin placements protected by sand, and a large ridge that makes the back third of the green four feet higher than the front.
Kemper Lakes Hole 14

Hole 15

All great courses seem to have one similar quality: four great finishing holes. On that basis, Kemper Lakes can compete with any course in the world. The 15th is the longest hole on the golf course and a true three-shot par 5. The driving area is protected by two large bunkers on the right and one large, deep fairway bunker on the left. The slightly uphill second shot requires a long-iron or hybrid to a turning point protected by trees on the left and bunkers on the right. The hole then turns sharply left for the last 100 yards to a green protected on all sides by bunkers.
Kemper Lakes Hole 15

Hole 16

The longest par 4 on the golf course, this hole has water running the entire righthand side of the fairway before forming a pond protecting the front of the green. In addition to the water, the landing area is guarded by two fairway bunkers on the left. Approach shots to this narrow green should hope to avoid the large, deep bunker on the left. A ridge through the middle of the green makes second shots and putting difficult.
Kemper Lakes Hole 16

Hole 17

Ranked as one of the top par 3s in the world, the signature hole at Kemper Lakes features a semi-island green and is protected on three sides by water. The right side of the green is guarded by two large, deep bunkers. The 17th hole features the longest green on the course, which makes for numerous pin placements. Heavily contoured, the green produces difficult chipping and putting from all directions.
Kemper Lakes Hole 17

Hole 18

One of the most challenging finishing holes in Chicago begins with a long, forced carry over water into a half-moon shaped landing area flanked by bunkers on the right. The second shot requires precise club selection as the player must carry water for a second time into a heavily contoured green which is guarded on both sides by water and in the back by a large, deep bunker.
Kemper Lakes Hole 18

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