Linn Grant: Round 4 Interview

THE MODERATOR: Linn Grant joins us now at the 2024 KPMG Women's PGA Championship. Linn, great finish for you today. How would you summarize your round and your week as a whole?

LINN GRANT: Very happy with today. We kind of were going with the Steady Eddie kind of mentality today, just being fine with missing some birdie putts and making solid pars and taking my bogeys and walking away without feeling too stressed about it.

The week as a whole, just happy how I played over the weekend. Felt like I had some good game both Thursday and Friday as well, but just hit some unfortunate trees out there.

Yeah, very happy overall.

Q. You were saying the challenges and kind of the frustration and dealing with patience, no? What was the most frustrating thing this week?

LINN GRANT: I think definitely for me, like not seeing as many putts roll in, especially like par save putts. And then obviously I felt like every time I hit a tree it went the wrong way instead of actually finding the fairway again, which was a bit frustrating.

Like I said, just trying to think I'm not supposed to earn anything. I'm just out here trying to take it hole by hole.

Q. So what comes next for you? Who are you playing with next week? And then Evian, Olympics?

LINN GRANT: Yeah, playing Dow next week which will be really fun. Playing with Carlota. I think we would have a really good time.

Obviously home for a week and then Evian and looks like Olympics for me now which is very excite being.

So, yeah, a couple really fun tournaments coming up.

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