Amy Yang: Champion's Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: All right, joined now by Amy Yang, 2024 KPMG Women's PGA Championship. Your first major of your career. Just put into words how much excitement, joy, all the emotions of winning this major.

AMY YANG: It's incredible. I was so nervous beginning of the day, even night before, and I told Jan on the 18th fairway, this have been the longest 18 holes I ever played in my career. I was that much stressed and felt pressure out there. But I think I managed to stay well and stay positive, and of course with him as well he makes things light out there.

You know, at one point I thought will I every win a major championship before I retire, and I finally did it and it's just amazing.

Q. Those doubts that might have creeped in over the years, how do you shut those out and really good it done today?

AMY YANG: Like even today, that self-talk kept coming up and wasn't easy out there. But I've learned so many times it's just focus on what I can control on the golf course out there and keep doing what I've been doing. I told myself maybe more than thousand times out there just do what I prepared is and what you've been doing at the practice days.

It was good.

Q. I tried to count how many people were out there waiting for you on the final green with champagne. A lot of the players, a lot of caddies. Just to see all of your friends, you and Jan's friends even out there to celebrate with you and support you, what did that mean? You took that champagne shower like a champ.

AMY YANG: I feel so grateful, and I really want to thank each of them for staying for us and rooting for us.

Yeah, I just can't thank them enough. They're lovely friends.

Q. Congratulations. You've had a successful career without a major. How does finally getting this done change how you view your career overall?

AMY YANG: I thought about this out on the golf course today, that golf is really just like a fight against myself. I think I proved myself that I can compete and I can do this, yeah, so was a good learning week. (Smiling.)

Q. How does the feeling compare to what you dreamed it would feel like all these years?

AMY YANG: I'm trying to process right now. (Smiling.)

But it's amazing, yeah. I see Seri's name right there, 1998. Yeah, I've always dreamed it, and so honored to have it. Thank you.

Q. Your caddie said this course made you focus this week. Is that a really good thing for you?

AMY YANG: Yes. The course was playing really tight and tough, and my back was bothering me a little bit. That also made it like very, very focus and committed to the shots I needed to play.


Q. At one point you opened a 7-stroke lead out there. What did you feel you did best this week?

AMY YANG: I said it every time, just being in the moment, in the present, and do my best on each shot.

I think I did that really, really well throughout the week.

Q. We were talking to Jan earlier and he joked about your shot on 13, about your always going to back left pins, and getting close to that one on the par-3 and the look he gave you afterwards. What was it like trying to manage those closing holes knowing you had the lead you had and firing a couple in there when you had the chance?

AMY YANG: That shot wasn't our plan. I aimed maybe ten yards right of the pin and that was an unplanned shot. Yeah, ended up really, really great, and birdie. (Smiling.)

Q. Sounded like you had no idea that you qualified for the Olympics. We saw some pretty genuine emotion up there when you found out.


Q. Now that it's set in, what are you thinking?

AMY YANG: I wasn't aware of it, because I really wanted it represent South Korea. That was one of my biggest goal for this year. Missing cuts past few tournaments and I saw my world ranking went down so I wasn't sure if this winning was enough to make the team.

But I made it, so I'm very grateful for that.

Q. To just hear -- let's talk about -- to hear that all day, the fans, hear the kids out here demanding you come out there, what has it meant to build this new fan base this week?

AMY YANG: It's been the best fans. It's been incredible all this week. Everyone was rooting for me. I want to go sign some autographs for them. Like to thank them for all the support, and that gave me a lot of good positive vibes out there.

Q. You told us that chasing a major title was one of the reasons you were still wanting to keep doing this. You got it. How rewarding is that feeling knowing it was worth it?

AMY YANG: Yeah, it's amazing, and like I said before, is I prove myself that I can do this and I'll continue to work hard and go for next one. (Smiling.)

Q. Jan was telling us coming down the 18th hole you said to him, when I say that I don't love this game, don't ever believe me. I really do love it. What is it that you love about this?

AMY YANG: This imperfection, this game. Yeah, our team, we do the best we can. Some days golf feels so easy and feels so fun; other days it feels like I want to retire very soon. (Laughter.)

But I've been through this so many years now, and, yeah, I remember told him I lose motivation here and there but that's a lie. Like I still do enjoy playing a lot.

Q. Off that subject, when you were hurt last year and couldn't play, does a period like that make you look at golf and see how much you appreciate it?

AMY YANG: Oh, yeah, it definitely did. Yeah, I couldn't play for few months out here and I realized how much I love playing, being out here, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you so much, Amy.

AMY YANG: Thank you.

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