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22 Aug 2018

Volunteer FAQs


How many shifts/hours will I be required to work?
Volunteers are asked to work 3-4, 4-hour shifts. You may work these shifts on separate days or back-to-back.

What are the age requirements to volunteer?
Junior Volunteers are ages 14-21 (14 & 15 year olds are required to have a parent or guardian with them onsite.) Adult Volunteers are ages 22 and up.

What does the Volunteer Fee cover?
The fee covers the uniform (one shirt, one jacket, one hat), complimentary parking, credential for the week, meal/water vouchers, and four (4) complimentary "Good Any One Day" Flex Grounds Tickets.

If I am no longer able to volunteer, may I receive a refund?
You may receive a refund ONLY AFTER you have returned your uniform and credential. Please contact the Championship Office to request a refund.

Can I watch golf when I'm not working?
Absolutely! Your credential allows you access onto the Championship Grounds, even when you're not working. We do ask that you not wear your uniform when not on duty.

Can I work the same shifts as my spouse, friend, etc.?
Volunteers will be given the opportunity to submit their "Shift Preferences." This will allow them to indicate their available days, times and any special requests. Based on your preferences, your Committee Chair will try their best to accommodate.

When will I receive my Volunteer Schedule/Assignment?
Your individual schedule will be included inside your credential packet. You will receive this packet at Uniform and Credential Distribution in April, 2019. If you cannot attend Distribution, your packet will be mailed to you the following week.

When will I receive my uniform?
You will receive your uniform at Uniform and Credential Distribution in April, 2019. If you cannot attend Distribution, we will have your uniform in the Championship Office at Hazeltine National Golf Club for you to pick up during regular business hours. You may also pick up your uniform in Volunteer Headquarters prior to your first scheduled shift during Championship Week.

I live outside of 75 miles from Hazeltine National Golf Club.
Volunteers that live outside 75 miles of Hazeltine National Golf Club will be mailed their Uniform and Credential Packet. If your mailing address is outside of the United States, we will contact you to make other arrangements.

Can I purchase additional volunteer uniform pieces?
Yes, additional clothing will be available for purchase during Uniform and Credential Distribution and also in Volunteer Headquarters during the Championship Week.

What do I do if my uniform does not fit?
We will have additional sizes to exchange with during Uniform and Credential Distribution. Size changes can also be done in the Championship Office at Hazeltine National Golf Club or in Volunteer Headquarters during the Championship. However, we cannot guarantee size availability at that time.

What if I am unable to attend Volunteer Committee Trainings?
We try to make trainings as mandatory as possible but do understand that people may have conflicts. PGA also provides online training modules for most of the volunteer committees. Please be sure to check to see if your committee has an online training. If not, we ask that you notify your Committee Chair and arrive to your first scheduled shift 30-45 minutes early to receive proper instruction.

I am currently registered on the waitlist. How does that process work?
Waitlisted applicants will be notified via email on a first come, first serve basis when positions become available. Applicants will be given 48 hours to respond before the open position is offered to the next applicant on the list.

Can a Volunteer bring a guest?
A. An adult guest must have a ticket for admission to the Championship Grounds. Juniors (17 and younger) will be admitted to the Championship Grounds for FREE with a credentialed volunteer. Junior tickets can be picked up onsite at the Admission Sales and Will Call Office.

Can a spouse/guest ride in with the volunteer to go to the event with them?
A. Yes

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